Gucci Messed Up......Again!

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I had to take a small break because this article about Gucci has just left me dumbfounded! Apparently, this company doesn’t know how to learn it’s lesson. Last year, Gucci received backlash regarding a sweater that resembled blackface was shown on their website (

The sweater was from their Fall/Winter 2018 collection. According to Gucci, it was inspired by “vintage ski masks".” Anybody can see this sweater is clearly blackface. What makes it worse is that this sweater was retailed for $900. Thankfully, it was immediately removed from their site. You would have thought they would’ve learned their lesson from this sweater, but NOPE!!!

During a Gucci fashion show, a tall, lanky, white model appeared on the runway in…………. a bright blue turban!

Now, there are some people out there that may feel that a turban may not seem like anything bad to wear, but this is bad because Gucci basically knocked off the look of the Sikhs, who follow a faith with roots in South Asia, this is exactly how they wear their turbans. People felt they should’ve had a “brown” model wearing this turban. I feel it is a disrespect to the Sikhs.

What’s even worse is that this turban is selling in Nordstrom for $790. If you would like to read more on this story, you can do so on


Gucci and Nordstrom has received so much backlash from Sikhs because of this. So many Sikhs have been the victims of discrimination and hate crimes simply because of the way they look. Just recently, the comedienne, Jess Hilarious, released a video that went viral about because she had four Sikh men thrown off of a plane because she felt threatened ( Now, I am one of many people who do not find Jess Hilarious funny, and she was DEAD wrong for her actions. It was disgusting that she was so proud of getting these men kicked off of a flight simply because of the way they looked. When she received backlash for her actions, she responded with “F*** YOU!” Terrible!

I don’t know every Sikh person, but I have met a few, including Waris Ahluwalia, jewelry designer, actor, and owner of House of Waris. He spoke at my school, Savannah College of Art and Design, and his work is amazing! Sadly, Ahluwalia was also a victim of discrimination when his ad for Gap was vandalized in 2013 (



After 😢

After 😢

It’s disgusting that discrimination still happens, and it’s even more disgusting that Gucci feels they can profit off of the victims of discrimination. The sad part about all of this is that people of color are still going to support this brand. Let’s hope they learned their lesson, but something tells me they haven't, and I hate to say it, but I feel they are going to create something based on discrimination towards black people and other people of color……again.