Lacey from Florida


I created another custom fashion illustration.  This time, it was for my sorority sister in Florida.  I used to create artwork for my sorority, and she has always liked my artwork, so when I posted my last illustration on social media, she responded saying that she wanted me to create one for her. 

So, after working on this illustration for a week, I have finally finished the final product.

Annette Wilson- Final Product.jpg

She has already received it, and she loves it!  I hope you all love it too.  If you would like for me to create a custom fashion illustration, please contact me.  Thank you, and have a wonderful night.

Colorful Queen

Hello Again,

I've been quite busy.  I'm working to market myself more.  It had been quite some time since I had really sketched something.  After doing a sketch for my sister, I'm quite happy about it.  I want to introduce to you my new fully rendered illustration, Colorful Queen.

Background Photo Source:

Background Photo Source:

This illustration was drawn by hand.  I found the fabric swatch online (I can't remember what site I saw it on), and added the colors through Illustrator and Photoshop.  Doing works like this makes me feel happy.  I'm devoting my time to doing one illustration a day.

Thank you, and have a good day.

Vagina-Themed Collection Shown During Fashion Week

Hello!  So, NYFW (New York Fashion Week) has started.  Many designers, established and independent are showing their collections this year.  A pair of Berlin-based designers, Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, also known as Namilia, debut their first collection, which was a vagina-themed collection with back-less attire, barely-there thongs, and fake breast implants.  Let's just say it was very interesting.


As a fashion designer, one thing I love is for people to wear my works of art, but I have no words for this!  If you want to read about Namilia, or see more pictures of this collection, you can go to Thanks for reading.