Just Drawing

Hello again!

So, I've really been getting back to my creative side, and utilizing my drawing time on the Tracing app.  I must say that it feels good drawing on here.  I've created two illustrations.

Lavender Hair 2018

Lavender Hair 2018

1930s Black Glamour 2018

1930s Black Glamour 2018

I love glamour portraits and vintage pictures, and I always try to create them.  My next step is to create original fashion illustrations on here.  Besides drawing, I'm also a virtual stylist.  Just started a couple of days ago.   I will be showing you more illustrations from the Tracing app.

Until Next Time!

Practicing with Tracing


I'm taking a small break to play with Tracing, an app with Microsoft.  One of my students have this app on his Surface Pro, and I wanted to see if I could get it on my laptop.  I was happy to see that it had downloaded.  The great thing about Tracing is that you can upload your own drawings, and draw over them.  The bad thing is that when you save the file, it does not save as a JPEG or PDF, and when you save it, it does not save your drawing with the file.

I used it to sketch a jumpsuit.  This is how it turned out.


I still have to play with it, but I think it came out nicely!  Until next time!