Showing Off My Creativity

Hello Everyone!

Here I am with another post of me showing off my creativity. I now have new 2nd job where I’m styling and redecorating rooms. It’s very fun, and very tedious. I’m really trying to get used to it, and I like it. It’s very different. Anyway, I’m still drawing and being creative as usual. I recently created a portrait for my cousin. This is the final product.

Shavon- Finished Product.jpg

She loved it so much that I’m currently working on a second illustration for her. In addition, I have products on my store on Society 6 ( I’ve had this store for some years now, and I haven’t been promoting it like I should. Honestly, that’s where I lack as a creative person. I don’t promote myself like I should.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my progress so far. Until I speak to you again.

Happy New (Eve and Day)

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year in advance.  Each new year, we are always talking about what resolution we're going to do.  Whether we stick to it or not, we are always doing something to change, for better or sometimes worse.  I don't know about anyone else, but lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting, and for the first time ever I see that I have really been focusing on other things besides myself.  I used to have so many dreams for myself, and now I haven't even thought of working on those things again.  Well, things are about to change.

Here is my first collection, which is from 2011


I'm still very proud of this collection.  I worked tirelessly sewing, dying, draping, and creating different textures with fabrics to create this different and unique activewear collection.  Creating this collection was the happiest moment in my life.  I showed this collection when I had my first fashion show in Atlanta, during Fashion Week 2012 in NYC, in various other fashion shows throughout the Southeast, and in fashion shows in Dallas.  This one collection (10 looks to be exact) has taken me to a lot of places.  So, what happened?  Why wasn't I creating more collections?  Why was I solely showing this one collection?  Well, life happened.   Things started happening that was out of my control, and now it seems that I have forgotten about myself and my dreams, and instead started focusing on merely existing.



It's nothing for me to do illustrations like the ones shown.  It is my passion to create fashion illustrations, and fashion collections like what's shown.  I need to get back to this.  During this holiday season, I rarely look at or read about Kwanzaa, but I have been reading about it a lot lately.  It really focuses on creativity and empowerment in oneself and in the community.  This is really speaking to me.

So, what's my "new year resolution?" To get back to the creative person I used to be.  To get back to creating something for myself.  To get back to promoting myself and getting my name out there.  To get back to "finding my niche" in my career.  The things I used to do creatively, I'm getting back to that.  I'm getting back to doing collections, fashion illustrations, gaining clientele, and being the creative me.  I will still continue to talk to you all and show what new things I have done.  I will also continue to promote myself on here.

Stay tuned!

Support Creatives

Hello Everyone.  Lately, something has been on my mind.  I've already shared it on my fashion column, and now I'm going to share it with you.  As you can see from my website, I'm a very creative person, and every creative person knows how hard it is to get your work out there, and to gain clientele.  I have been an independent fashion designer for over nine years, and I'm still struggling to gain clientele.  It can be very frustrating, and it is also frustrating when those "potential clients" try to criticize your work.  No matter what creative genre (fashion, art, music, dance, poetry, etc.), for some reason people feel to tear artists down, and feel like we are not worthy of the price of our talents!

So, I have some "suggestions" about supporting creatives, and I hope you will listen:

  1. Don't Ask for Something If You Cannot Afford It!
    • I cannot stand when someone asks for my services, only to get upset because my prices do not fit within their budget!  When I first started, people would ask for my services, only to get upset because my prices were "too high!"  The mistake I made was lowering my prices to please these individuals.  It took two other fashion designers to tell me to stop doing this because it was only allowing people to get over on me.  These same two designers also gave me some advice, "if you are lowering your prices for these potential clients, then these are not the clients you want."  Now, when someone complains about my prices and says they will buy a product from a "certain" store, I simply tell them to go to that certain store.
    • I recently made a post on my Facebook page of a drawing I had created.  Everyone had given great compliments on the drawing, but one of my "friends" had posted, "you should design my daughter's sweet 16 dress."  Now, I already know this person works minimum wage (or below), so I already know she can't afford my prices, so I simply responded with "I'm expensive."  Not even a minute later, she responds with, "Oh Lord! Well, I guess we'll try Walmart then. LOL"  I was really mad and hurt about this because:
      • Creating a custom dress is not cheap!
      • The person was demanding for me to make this dress instead of asking.
      • With this person saying she will go to Walmart lets me know she was trying to get the dress for free in the first place!
  2. Do Not Complain About My Prices If You Can Afford A Designer Item With No Complaints
    • One thing that really bothers me is when someone complains about someone's prices being high, but then turn around and purchase a designer item because of the name!  The reason I am so bothered by this is because I make the exact same thing as that brand, but because I'm an independent fashion designer, you feel that you are not worthy of paying my prices.  This is also a way of you saying that you will never support me or any other creative person out there!
  3. Please Do Not Tell Us What We Should Design Simply Because YOU Like It!
    • There is a reason for me saying this.  Any fashion designer knows that no one creates clothing in every design category.  There are certain things we happen to fall in to.  This is something creative people will notice while in school, but where I'm from, people in my hometown do not understand that, and they feel that because you are a fashion designer that you supposed to CREATE EVERYTHING they see on TV and in stores!  People, it doesn't work like that!

I'm saying all of this to say the following:

  1. Please support the creative people around you!
    • We need to know that you are here for us, and when we have your support, we can continue to do great things with our talents!
  2. Don't tell us what to create in order to benefit you!
    • Please know that although you want to see us make a certain product that's already out, we have our own products that we want to create and sell!
  3. Please stop complaining about our prices!
    • If you do not like our prices, you can shop somewhere else that's in your budget!

Thank you for hearing me out. Until Next Time!!