Rendering of Original illustrations

*starting at $150

Creating and coloring sketches by hand or by computer.  If done by computer, sketches are fully rendered in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Flat sketches (also called technical flats)

*starting at $75

Black and white sketches that are drawn as if garment was laid flat on a surface so seams, top stitches, finishes, and hardware (buttons, zippers, hook & eyes, etc.) are shown. 

Line Sheets

*Starting at $375

Document(s) that communicates necessary information to prospective buyers.  Includes product line sheet, swatch card, and order form.

spec Sheets

*Starting at $250

Measurement details of a particular garment that clothing manufacturer needs to prepare the pattern.  Can also be graded for different sizes.

Tech Packs

*Starting at $500

Detailed instructions that are used to create a garment from scratch.  Includes front/back/side view of flats, pattern card (list of all pattern pieces used for a particular style of garment), spec sheet, and call out (blow-up of each detail of garment).  Manufacturer needs this to create the garment, and every detail is crucial if you want product done right.

*There will be a $100 consultation fee (on the phone or in person)