Rendering of Original illustrations

Creating and coloring sketches by hand or by computer.  If done by computer, sketches are fully rendered in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Flat sketches (also called technical flats)

Black and white sketches that are drawn as if garment was laid flat on a surface so seams, top stitches, finishes, and hardware (buttons, zippers, hook & eyes, etc.) are shown. 

Line Sheets

Document(s) that communicates necessary information to prospective buyers.  Includes product line sheet, swatch card, and order form.

spec Sheets

Measurement details of a particular garment that clothing manufacturer needs to prepare the pattern.  Can also be graded for different sizes.

Tech Packs

Detailed instructions that are used to create a garment from scratch.  Includes illustration/flats, pattern card (list of all pattern pieces used for a particular style of garment), spec sheet, and call out (blow-up of each detail of garment).  Manufacturer needs this to create the garment, and every detail is crucial if you want product done right.