Paris Fashion Week


Taking a break from my usual daily activities to talk to you all about the different collections that have been seen during Paris Fashion Week.

I must say that it feels really good to take a break and see some of these shows online, especially Yohji Yamamoto's Spring/Summer 2018 collection.  Most of the colors in his collection are black, red, and white.  I've always been a huge fan of Yamamoto, and I love to see his garments on the runway.   Another favorite designer is Rick Owens. His Spring/Summer 2018 collection consist of bold structures, layering, and industrialized design aesthetics.


I started following the Jour/Ne brand a few days ago.  I must say out of all the collections I've seen, this one is my favorite. 



I love the bright colors, flowing garments, and fringe details.  The only thing that I would say is a dislike is that throughout the runway show, there was only one plus-size model.  I feel there should be consistency in fashion.  If you are going to have a plus-size model, then you should have more than one plus-size model.

If you would like to look at more footage of Fashion Week, please feel free to go on

Thank you, and have a good night!