Saint Laurent S/S 18

I'm supposed to be in the bed sleep, but here I am, drooling over Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2018 collection from Paris Fashion Week (PFW). 

Saint Laurent 1.jpg
Saint Laurent 2.jpg

Of the collections that I have viewed online, this is by far my favorite.  I've been trying to find the actual theme for this collection, but since I can't find it, I'm going to just guess at it.  This is a modernized "ode to the 80s" collection.   I'm an 80s baby, so large, puffy everything was normal during that time. 

Saint Laurent 9.jpg
Saint Laurent 7.jpg

I'm really not a huge fan of fringe, but the fringe in this collection is amazing!!! There's even fringe on the boots!

Saint Laurent 10.jpg
Saint Laurent 4.jpg
Saint Laurent 6.jpg

There was also plenty of stylish menswear looks included.  Some tailored, and some casual.  These two are my favorites.

Saint Laurent 5.jpg
Saint Laurent 12.jpg

I know there are a lot of pictures, but this is a 91 look collection.  Every look was unique in its own way.  Even thought I love all of these looks, which are my favorite?

Saint Laurent 8.jpg
Saint Laurent 11.jpg

If you want to view the pictures or watch the full collection, you can visit the British Vogue website listed above, or visit